Introducing Salvéo Weight Management

We are excited to announce that WeighUnder is now Salvéo Weight Management. Salvéo is Latin, and means “to be well, be in good health.” This aligns with our mission, which is to provide compassionate, individualized, and scientifically sound medical treatment to those affected by the disease of obesity and weight gain.

Unlike most diet plans that you’ve probably tried, we have carefully crafted a program that focuses on your health. We do not use gimmicks, subscriptions, or meal plans.

The Salvéo Weight Management Program

The Salvéo Weight Management Program is comprised of four pillars – science, nutrition, behavior, and fitness, and is focused on your health. Because we know that your body and physiology are completely unique, we create an individualized plan for you.

Once you begin the program, you will continue to meet with us to discuss and monitor your progress. Our program is not a ‘start it and then forget it’ plan. We create a supportive environment where we are invested in your success and your health goals. We will be with you for every step of the journey, staying in touch so that you maintain your progress, even after you meet your initial weight loss goals.

The Salvéo Weight Management Brand

Our new name and brand reflect our comprehensive, four-pillar program, and our focus on creating individualized plans for each of our weight loss patients. We want all of our patients “to be well, be in good health.”

Our new, easy-to-use website provides existing and potential patients information about our approach – including our four pillars, program results and FAQs; access to our patient portal and insurance information; and news and insights about obesity science.

The new Salvéo Weight Management brand will be on display in our office and on all of our printed materials.

We invite you to explore our new website, follow us on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter), and schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping you on your weight loss journey.

Tips for Protecting Your Weight Loss Over the Holidays

If you’ve recently lost weight, congratulations!  Or maybe you’re planning a New Year’s resolution for weight loss.  Either way, use the following tips to avoid gaining additional pounds over the holidays.

1.  Don’t forget to include “liquid calories” in your daily food journal.  Sweet drinks, alcohol, and eggnog all contain more calories than we realize.

2.  Drink plenty of water throughout the day.  This helps with hunger and keeps our body functioning well.

3.  Ask for your server to “box” half of your entrée before it even comes to the table.  Out of sight, out of mind!

4.  Order “family style” for the table and order one less entrée than guests.  Everyone will have plenty to eat and it will be fun to sample different tastes!

5.  Eat a high protein snack before going to a holiday party.  This helps prevent hunger when making decisions at the food table.  Above all, enjoy the fun and festivities!



Avoiding Halloween Candy

Halloween is a tricky time for those of us trying to watch our waistlines! And the trick or treat size portions are tempting since they are not a full size candy bar.

Those calories will certainly add up and may lead to carb cravings later in the day, so it’s best to avoid them.

Some tips to help stay away from the goodies…

  1. Consider delighting your trick-or-treaters with a non-food item… pencils, erasers, or stickers.
  2. Or maybe you have a “trick” you can demonstrate for them! Isn’t it Trick OR Treat??
  3. If you give candy, don’t purchase it early. If Snickers are in the house, the temptation is near!
  4. Make sure you have eaten plenty of protein during the day to stave off hunger while the goblins are ringing your bell and your hand is on the bowl.
  5. Drink plenty of water. Thirst can mimic hunger and lead us to snack too much.
  6. Donate your leftovers. Ask your children to choose a few favorites, then donate to a local kids club or shelter.
  7. Make it a game… count how many ghosts or Olafs come to your door. Chat with your neighbors or the parents out with their kids. Distractions help to avoid mindless snacking.
  8. Allow yourself one or two small pieces. Avoiding it altogether may make the cravings stronger. Just keep track!
  9. Dress up in a costume that makes it tough to eat… wear gloves or a mask.
  10. Above all, enjoy the fun and festivities!