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Salvéo Weight Management | November 10, 2015

Salvéo is doctor supervised healthy weight loss, co-founded by Dr. Amy Articolo and Dr. Suzanne Mackey to help treat and provide a supportive environment for their patients in their weight loss journey. They are passionate about their mission, and their patients. They believe in the value of open and honest communication, creating a warm and welcoming environment. They take the time to listen. They treat obesity as a disease and remove the shame and guilt that some patients may feel.

Salvéo customizes a program for each individual. They realize that each person is unique, and therefore, the treatment plan should be tailored to meet those needs. As one of their patients says,

I am not on a diet; I am on a journey into good health.

  • 97% of patients lose significant weight at their first follow-up.
  • 12 lbs. is the average weight loss for new patients in the first month.
  • 5% average beginning body weight is lost in the 1st month.
  • 75% of patients stay in the maintenance programs.