Help Spread the Your Weight Matters Campaign Message with the OAC’s NEW National Television PSA!

Salvéo Weight Management | May 19, 2015

The Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) has proudly produced a brand-new National television public service announcement (PSA) to help share the Your Weight Matters Campaign message with all Americans nationwide. This valuable new PSA focuses on family, relationships and their impact on weight and health. Recognizing the need to reach out to men, the message of the PSA also focuses on helping men understand how weight can impact their health.

We’re excited to share this second Your Weight Matters Campaign PSA encouraging Americans to take the Campaign Challenge and speak with a doctor, nurse, dietitian, or other trusted health professional about how their weight impacts their health. The OAC is elevating the conversation about weight and health through the Your Weight Matters Campaign and all individuals taking the Campaign Challenge are provided with the FREE resource Toolkit to help make the conversation easier. The Your Weight Matters Toolkit provides sample questions to ask and what to expect when speaking with a healthcare provider as well as information about exercise, nutrition, a space to start food journaling, and more! To find out all that the Campaign has to offer, please CLICK HERE!

We encourage you to help spread the word about the new PSA by sharing it with your family, friends, neighbors and any other individuals in your life who could benefit from improving their weight and health! There are so many Americans still struggling with weight and we need YOUR help to reach out to them.

Here are a few simple ideas for how you can share the new PSA:

  • Post the video on social media including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more
  • Ask your human resources department to put it in the company blog or newsletter
  • Send the video in an email to family and friends
  • Play the video at a support group meeting
  • Share the video on your personal blog
For health professionals, we also recommend that you play this video in the waiting room to help encourage your patients to speak with you about their weight and health. There are so many different ways to help get the word out, and we hope that you will help us spread the important message that Your Weight Matters!