NEW Scholarship Opportunity for the 2015 ‘Your Weight Matters’ National Convention!

As a valued OAC Member, we want you to be among the first to know about a BRAND-NEW SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM to bring individuals to the OAC’s 4th Annual Your Weight Matters National Convention, taking place August 13-16 in San Antonio, Texas. Applicants who qualify for this scholarship opportunity MUST ACT FAST – the application deadline is FRIDAY, JUNE 19!

The OAC is proud to have partnered with Eisai, Inc. on their new Weigh In for Healthy Change Initiative, with a goal to raise the patient voice for the medical treatment of obesity. As part of this new initiative, we are pleased to launch the Weigh In for Healthy Change Scholarship Program, a new OAC program that will award up-to 10 full scholarships to attend the OAC’s National Advocacy Training Session, and providing full access to the OAC’s 2015 National Convention.

Who Should Apply for the Weigh In For Healthy Change Scholarship Program?

In the upcoming year, the OAC will focus its efforts on the passage of the Treat and Reduce Obesity Act (TROA), a landmark legislation that expands coverage of pharmacological therapies and broadens the landscape of health professionals who are able to deliver quality care to individuals seeking to improve their weight and health. Weigh In for Healthy Change is an initiative designed to help raise the profile for the passage of TROA, so this scholarship program has been developed specifically for individuals who meet the following criteria:

  •  18-years of age or older (or traveling with a parent or legal guardian)
  • A desire to influence the Legislative Advocacy process
  • Individuals who have addressed their weight through medical weight management, intensive behavioral counseling under the care of a physician, or pharmacological treatment – either past or present
  • Applicants not eligible to receive a scholarship include: health professionals; individuals seeking CE credits; individuals who have already received formal legislative advocacy training conducted by the OAC; and relatives/members of the OAC staff, National Board Members, or OAC Committee Members.

If you meet the basic eligibility requirements and are interested in attending the OAC’s 2015 National Convention, we strongly encourage you to submit your application NO LATER than FRIDAY, JUNE 19. For complete details on this new scholarship program, please CLICK HERE.

To Submit Your Online Application for a Weigh In for Healthy Change Scholarship, please CLICK HERE

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