Tips for Protecting Your Weight Loss Over the Holidays

Salvéo Weight Management | December 29, 2014

If you’ve recently lost weight, congratulations!  Or maybe you’re planning a New Year’s resolution for weight loss.  Either way, use the following tips to avoid gaining additional pounds over the holidays.

1.  Don’t forget to include “liquid calories” in your daily food journal.  Sweet drinks, alcohol, and eggnog all contain more calories than we realize.

2.  Drink plenty of water throughout the day.  This helps with hunger and keeps our body functioning well.

3.  Ask for your server to “box” half of your entrée before it even comes to the table.  Out of sight, out of mind!

4.  Order “family style” for the table and order one less entrée than guests.  Everyone will have plenty to eat and it will be fun to sample different tastes!

5.  Eat a high protein snack before going to a holiday party.  This helps prevent hunger when making decisions at the food table.  Above all, enjoy the fun and festivities!