Our Results

Medical Bariatrics of America, affiliated with Salvéo Weight Management, has tracked in a database the average weight loss of over 14,054 patients since Jan. 2000. Because these results have proven more successful than any other commercial program or medication with documented results, they have been revealed in a series of presentations at national and international conferences dedicated to the medical science of treating obesity and weight gain. Patient cholesterol improvements have also been shown to be statistically better than current cholesterol medication results. It is our hope that by documenting the success of the program, insurances will begin to reimburse the medical expenses of weight loss for patients.

Weight Loss Results

(Since Jan 2000)

  • 14,000 patients (average begin weight 216 pounds)
  • 97.7% lost significant weight at first follow-up
  • 112,323 pounds lost in first month
  • 11.8 pounds average first month loss
  • 4.5% average beginning body weight loss in first month
  • 78% lose at least 5% initial body weight (a 50% reduction in DM II risk)
  • 44% lose at least 10% within the first 6 months in our program
  • 75% of patients stay in our maintenance programs


  • Very welcoming doctors and staff! Program is very well explained and easy to follow with good results!

    Ann C., Audubon, NJ

  • Caring, compassionate, understanding and supportive. How can you ask for more?


  • Although I have only been to the office a few times, I appreciate that they approach the whole person with all the conditions that affect your ability to reduce your weight. Focusing not all attention not to weight loss but also to lean body mass is extremely important.

    Richard I., Sicklerville, NJ

  • From the moment the appointment was made and throughout the new patient evaluation I felt valued and respected and most of all heard. For the first time in my life the feeling of shame could be let go. I am so excited to have Medical Bariatrics guide me on my new journey!

    Carolyn B., Hammonton, NJ

  • The doctors there are truly amazing! I have NEVER received such personal attention and felt so supported and listened to. They truly celebrate your successes with you. They are so invested. I truly believe my success is due in great part to having such an amazing team on my side.


Video Testimonials

Kate M., Philadelhia, PA

John B., Hightstown, NJ

Caroline N., West Chester, PA

Rebecca S., Philadelphia, PA